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Ancestors of Spirit

Your Future and Past are happening Now.

If You are not comfortable with Your Past. 

Change it.

Ask Your Past Ancestors for assistance. 

  • Ask for Love
  • Ask for Forgiveness
  • Ask for Wisdom

If You are Unsure of Your Future. 

Change it.

Ask Your Future Ancestors for assistance. 

  • Ask for Family
  • Ask for Truth
  • Ask for Knowledge

Be Your own Balance

Be Your own Teacher

Be Your own Soul


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Trespassing of the Spirit.

Trespassing of others is most Grievous harm You cause to Yourself. 

  • Judgmental thoughts of Others.
  • Negative thoughts of Others. 
  • Sinful thoughts of Others. 

Trespassing is You forcing Your negative thoughts or energy.

  • Wishing unwell of other
  • Judging others
  • Preaching to others

Follow Your Heart. 

Be Kindness.

Be Compassion.

Be Love.


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The ‘God’ and ‘Gods’ Concept.

Many believe in One ‘God’ 
Some believe in many ‘Gods”
Most Believe their ‘God ‘Is the “One True God”

  • Old Gods are Past mistakes and good deeds.
  • New Gods are the Gods of the Future that will be created in Your timeline.
  • God is Present. 

This ideal concept of ‘God’, is to believe in something So Good and So Great that it becomes Your drive to become enlightened by learning from Your Past and creating Your Future. 

If Your “God” demands You.

  • To Hurt others
  • To Murder in ‘His’ name.
  • To Create suffering for others because they “lack conviction.”
  • To Judge others.
  • To Trespass on others.

 You are following a Demon.

  • God is Light.
  • God is Life
  • God does not make other Suffer
  • God does not Judge
  • God does not Trespass. 

Start Teaching others Love by being Love. 



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Your Choices Define You.

Your Thoughts.

Your Fears. 

Your Actions.

All controlled by You.

You are the only one in this Universe that controls Your Choices. 

Be Love.

Be Courage. 

Be Kindness. 

The choices You make define you. 

Be Your own God. 


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Life as Strings.

Every Choice is a String. 

Strings have Shadows.

Every Shadow is a Split. 

Splits are opportunity. 

Opportunity causes Strings to Intertwine. 

Intertwining creates Chaos. 

Chaos is in the Order of Your Universe. 

Your Strings are Sin and Virtue.

  • To tight are the Sins.
  • To loose are of Virtue. 

Bring Your Strings in harmony creates Peace. 

Balance Your Strings. 


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Your Immortal Mind.
Your Evolving Body.

Your Mind is Immortal.

Your Body the Vehicle.

Your Body lives within Time. 

Your Mind lives within Spirit.

Earth- Bodies evolve and grow

Wind- Minds thinks and change

Water- Harmony of the Body. 

Fire- Diligence to become Love. 


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The Flood as a River

Your past has become Water 

Your future is Your dry land. 

Navigate well and You can Plant seeds for Your future Trees. 

  • Allow
  • Acceptance 
  • Understand

Navigate poorly and You will Destroy the seeds for Your future Trees.

  • Restrict
  • Denial 
  • Confusion

The more rocks You throw into Your past and Future the more chances You take hitting Your Trees. When You hit a tree You start destroying what You have Built. 

Live in the Present. 

Create Light

Be Mindful. 


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lotchiie asked: Hi crazy feather. I've been asking myself about my intuition. How do I know that it is my intuition and it's not some other being is speaking to me. Also when I look at people I just see pain on their faces I rarely see and feel happiness from them.

Conscious Mind and Unconscious Mind are intuition. Conscious is when You ask Yourself “Can I do this?” The unconscious Mind is the one that answers. “Yes, You can do anything”

Filtering out the negative aspect of the Conscious Mind is the trick. Think of the Unconscious Mind as a best friend. What advice would they give You.

It is hard to be happy when You are trapped in a cage Your. Many do not see, that by choosing to be Unhappy, they are actually choosing to live in Hell.  Hell is living in a cage, Hell is not being Free. Pray for their Enlightenment. Pray for their Freedom. 

May the Light Shine Forever Brightly Upon You.