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Chakra Orbs Plants/Animals


Top Three Chakras: Animal (Spirit, Mind)

  • Crown- Animals always have connection 
  • Brow- Animals have uncanny intuition
  • Throat- Animals never lie

Bottom Three Chakras: Plants (Life, Body)

  • Root- Plants always have roots
  • Sacral- Plants have a plethora of seeds
  • Core- Plants grow out and up

 Together Create Heart Chakra.

The Holy Trinity. 


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Choices become Freedom.

You make Your own choices. 

The Choices You make.

The Actions You take. 

If You are True to Yourself. 

If You Forgive Yourself. 

If You Free Yourself. 

You will become Yourself

You will become Love

You will become Forgiveness. 

Let Your Light out. 


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We are all Vibration


Life Orb (Lower 3 Chakras)

  • Low frequencies can create Anger, Sloth and Lust

Spirit Orb (Upper 3 Chakras)

  • High frequencies can create Wrath, Gluttony and Pride. 

Heart Chakra (The Balance)

  • Balanced frequency can create Love. 

Find your balance. 

Start to Love. 


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m0n0zyg0tic asked: Have you ever stayed with or studied under shamans in the Amazon?

I have not. 

May the Light Shine Forever Brightly Upon You. 


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The Roots of Your Tree of Life.

Your Tree spreads Roots.

Those Roots are attached to You and

  • Everyone You have ever met.
  • Everything You have ever done. 
  • Everything You have ever thought. 

All connected. 

Positive and Negative. 

Dead Roots are Negative thoughts. 

Cut them free. 

Allow Yourself to Heal. 

Only You know where those Roots reside. 

Heal Your Tree. 


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Lifes Energy Flow

Life is about energy flow. 

Yin and Yang. 

Your soul emits an aura. 

Now imagine that aura as rotating energy.

  • Inhale rotate counter clockwise.
  • Exhale Rotate clockwise.


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We are all here on this Earth.

At the same Time.

At the same Place

All trying to find a way. 

A way to get Home

Harmony will always find You a way Home.

Forgiveness will always find You a way Home.

Love will always find a way Home.

Everyone is in the same battle. 

  • Some Good. 
  • Some Evil.

Let Us all go Home. 

Find Your Balance. 


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