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Your Universe.

When You live through Others universes, it makes You Angry

and Envious. 

When You Live through Your Universe, You become Love and



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Shadows 2D/3D/4D

The Shadows we cast are in 2 dimension

The Shadows our Divine Being cast are in 3 dimension

What is above is below. As in Heaven it is in Hell. 

What if we are a 3 dimension Shadow of our Divine Being that is living in the 4 dimension. 

We cast Darkness as our Shadow and the Shadow our Divine Being cast is Us. The Light.


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Cross your wrists over heart. Where your palms lay are the Upper Heart. Where your elbows sit, are where your Lower Heart Chakras reside

Depiction integrating Mind and Body. 

  • Straight Lines Mind
  • Circles Body 

Chakras used above. 

  • Brow 
  • Throat
  • Upper Right Heart
  • Upper Left Heart
  • Heart
  • Lower Left Heart
  • Lower Right Heart
  • Core 
  • Sacral


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Yin Yang Bang.

The Big Bang happened around 13.77 billion years ago.

A collision of two Massive Energies Yin and Yang/ Positive and Negative. 

These energies spiraling together creating universes

Within the debris are multitudes of Souls.

Each Soul Yin/Yang is trying to find their way home.

Each Soul meant to find balance within themselves.

You live numerous lives to accomplish this.

  • Souls are Immortal
  • Bodies are evolution

Within balance You will find Peace. 


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River of Time.

There is an ebb and flow to everything. 

If You choose not to flow.

  • You become a Rock in the River of Time.
  • That Rock is allowing all the pessimism and negativity to accumulate. 
  • The Rock is firm. 
  • The Rock will become an Island of negativity and a cesspool of toxicity. 

Flow to forcefully or to quickly and you will be taken with the current. You will struggle to stay afloat. 

When You Choose to flow with the River of Time

  • You become a Boat in the River of Time. 
  • You are allowing Yourself fresh views and new ideas. 
  • You are free. 
  • You become a Boat of optimism and Light. 

Never give up Your struggle.

Be Light, Be kindness


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Action vs. Words.

When You start looking at someone who Was.

  • What they did. 
  • What they said.

You can not see them as they Are.

  • Why they did.
  • Why they said. 

See them for what they will Be.

  • Do You Trust. 
  • Do You Love.

Dwelling on past words.

Futures can not be Made. 

Learning from past words.

Actions can be Made. 

Actions no longer speak louder than Words. 

Words now speak louder than actions. 

Make Actions speak louder than Words. 

Be the Light. 


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jackflora00 asked: What do you mean by "May the light shine brightly upon you"?

May all the negativity be burnt away so the Light can Shine Brightly Upon You. 


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Lifes Energy Flow

Life is about energy flow. 

Yin and Yang. 

Your soul emits an aura. 

Now imagine that aura as rotating energy.

Inhale rotate counter clockwise.

Exhale Rotate clockwise.

-Crazy Feather

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Consumption of Waste.

Consuming food produces waste. 

  • Some good for You, some bad for You. 

Living life produces negativity. 

  • Some good for You, some bad for You. 

If You eat something that makes You sick do you still eat it?

If something is negative in Your life do You still poke it?

Stop throwing Your waste at others. 

Let it out. 

Then let it go. 


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Life is to Music.

New experiences and ideas are new strings. 

  • You can allow the string of Virtue go wild whipping out of control. 
  • You can grip the string of Sin so tight it can not move. 


  • You can Pluck the strings to Your own beat.

Do not others to Play Your music for You. 

You are the master of Your own Tune. 

Play Your own tune. 


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travelincolour asked: what exactly is rotating energy? I love your account by the way. You're an amazing person and you've inspired me so much.

Imagine standing in a Rainbow Bubble. 

Look up and there is a funnel rotating clockwise. 

Look down there is a funnel rotating counter clockwise. 

Rotate the energy counter clockwise from the left foot spiraling  up/in/around Your spine to the top of Your bubble. 

Imagine the swirling energy as Water cooling the heat and filling in the holes to Your Aura. Go deep. 

Exhale, rotate your energy clockwise from top to bottom. Throwing all the positive clean energy out to Your loved ones and the World. 

Plants purify Air. 

We purify Energy. 

May the Light Shine Forever Brightly Upon You.